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Our Dolch sight word flash cards contain 220 words and come in two sizes. The large size (3"H X 8.5"W) is ideal for group instruction and fits nicely in pocket charts. The small size (2"H X 4.25"W) is ideal for one-on-one or small group use. The front of the card contains the pictograph version while the back has the large plain print version of the same word with the verbal cue printed beneath in small letters. This page contains 10 samples of our pictographs which you also can use to try out our method. The samples shown have the sentence cues printed beneath the pictograph instead of on the plain word side of the card.

You can make some little trial flash cards right now by printing this page and cutting it into individual cards. Some printers will require that you use a "landscape" orientation to make everything fit on the page. To obtain complete instructions for making trial cards as well as very specific teaching instructions for using them, simply click here

If you prefer, we will send you a set of the sample cards and instructions for teaching these 10 words as e-mail attachments. These e-mail samples give you both sides of the cards, the instructions, plus other samples and useful informational material, such a list of Dolch Words for testing to keep in your computer for printing as needed. Just e-mail us. Let us know if the samples do not arrive within one business day because it is possible our e-mail has been blocked by your mail system. School e-mail addresses seem especially vulnerable to this.

Jack and Jill are sister and brother, boy and girl.
These fast letters, f,a,s,t, look like they are going fast.
Little Dog is marching up the letters that spell up.
See how "n" can run.

Little Dog runs down the letters that spell down.


I can tell this picture is a can and the word is can, too.
We can do anything if we work together.
See "p" jump into the water on a hot summer day.
Say the name of the letter "u" and it sounds like the word "you."
The letter I is what I use to talk about myself.